Starmania Opéra
Luc Plamondon / Michel Berger      

May 17 (7:00 p.m.), 20, 22
and 24 (8:00 p.m.), 2008
May 19 and 26 (8:00 p.m.), 2008
July 14 and 16 (8:00 p.m.), 2008
July 15 (8:00 p.m.), 2008

Co-production of
Opéra de Québec / Opéra de Montréal

Chef d’orchestre et orchestrateur : Simon LECLERC
Metteurs en scène : Michel LEMIEUX et Victor PILON

Zéro Janvier
Stella Spotlight
Johnny Rockfort
Marie-Josée LORD, soprano
Marc HERVIEUX, ténor
Lyne FORTIN, soprano
Etienne DUPUIS, baryton
Raphaëlle PAQUETTE, soprano
Pascal CHARBONNEAU, ténor
Krista de SILVA, mezzo-soprano

Le Chœur de l’Opéra de Québec
L’Orchestre symphonique de Québec

Original French version with French supertitles


MONOPOLIS, the new capital of Occident, is terrorized by the Black Stars, a gang whose chief, Johnny Rockfort, is totally under the influence of Sadia, a student agitator, offspring of high society, who at night, cross-dressing as a man, appears in the underground network where she hands out orders. They meet at the Underground Café, under the amused eyes of Marie-Jeanne, the robotic waitress.

Above the underground café rises the Golden Tower, a 100-story building where the billionaire Zéro Janvier has his offices on the top floor and works his plans to launch a new political career by running for the presidency of Occident. His electoral platform is built on the return of law and order and on the construction of the new atomic world. Because of this, he becomes the sworn enemy of Johnny Rockfort and the Black Stars. Against this background, we become aware of three parallel love stories: The impossible love of Marie-Jeanne for Ziggy, a young, androgynous record dealer and mythomanic, the sensational romance of Zéro Janvier and Stella Spotlight, a sex symbol who has just retired from the motion picture industry, and finally, and especially, the passion of Johnny Rockfort and Cristal, the focal point of the intrigue.

Cristal, star hostess of "STARMANIA", a TV show, receives a telephone call from Sadia, who offers her a clandestine interview with Johnny Rockfort, whose face is unknown. The meeting takes place at the Underground Café. For Johnny and Cristal, it is love at first sight, and they run off together. Sadia loses her influence over Johnny. Cristal decides to become the spokesperson of the Black Stars and transmits clandestine messages, by means of a neutron camera that lets her seize control of television channels.

Sadia, furiously jealous, calls on Zéro Janvier, to expose Johnny and Cristal, on the very evening that he and Stella Spotlight have chosen to celebrate their engagement at the gigantic Naziland rotating discothèque, high above Monopolis. Coincidentally, the Black Stars have selected that particular night to explode a bomb in the Golden Tower.

Zéro Janvier's men hunt down the Black Stars. Cristal is hit and dies in Johnny's arms. Zéro Janvier is elected President of Occident, but the shadow of Johnny Rockfort darkens the victory. Terrorism against totalitarianism, two living, opposing forces, two dangers that threaten the world.

Stella Spotlight, revolted by power, returns to her dream of immortality, and Marie-Jeanne leaves the underground world in search of the sun.

Grégoire Legendre